"International Journal of Innovations & Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences [IJIRPS]" is a peer reviewed quarterly journal specially published for undergraduate and post graduate students, all over the world. This journal intends to support the undergraduate and postgraduate students to do research and scientific work in their respective fields of Pharmacy.


IJIRPS is for all and its aim is to bring research paper publication to the grass root level that is the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


IJIRPS provides a platform to the students all over the world to share their recent research in various topics. The research papers are usually done by the postgraduate students and doctoral and post doctoral scientists. But our mission is to bring undergraduate students to this flow right from the beginning of their academic so that it will be great benefits for the pupils who want take the further education. Or even working in industry demands some sort of research work from these candidates.


IJIRPS brings to the world new innovative ideas shared by the undergraduate students and postgraduate students. These students will get to know how research is carried out in industry and how it is presented as a paper or a report. This will definitely help them for their bright careers.

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                          Name :Prof.S.N.Upadhe

                          Contact Number : 8380050709

                          Email Id : editorijirps@gmail.com

Hard copy of journal can be availed by request to 8380050709