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Analysis of Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature of Mild Steel (140019)


Abstract : The Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature (DBTT) is a phe nomenon that is widely observed in metals. Below critical temperature (DBTT),the material suddenly loss ductil ity and becomes brittle. The controlling mechanism of this transition still remains unclear despite of la rge efforts made in experimental and theoretical investigation. All ferrous materials (except the a ustenitic grades) exhibit a transition from ductile to brittle when tested above and below a certain temperature,calle d as Transition Temperature. The paper deals with the determination of the ‘Ductile to Brittle Trans ition Temperature of stainless steel. Work carried out in this is purchasing the material followed by test s pecimen preparation. The specimens then keep in the liquid nitrogen for cooling for soaking time of 15 min. Then th e actual charpy impact testing of the specimens at variable temperature ranging are carried out in controlled atmosphere. The readings taken are the impact energy (joules) of specimen at specific temper ature. The graph of energy absorbed vs temperature is plotted to get the range of transition temperature.

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Mr. Sahadev Shivaji Sutar , Mr. Gorakshanath Shivaji Kale , Mr. Sujit Haridas Merad , "Analysis of Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature of Mild Steel", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, volume 1 issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.