Volume 2 Issue 1

Effect of Adding Oxygen Containing Additives to Unleaded Gasoline on Exhaust Emission (140052)


Abstract : As world population grew,power plants,factories a nd ever increasing automobiles began to pollute the air to the extent that it was no longer acceptable. During the late 1940s,air pollution as a problem was fir st recognized in the Los Angeles basin in California . Two causes of this were the large population densit y and the natural weather conditions of area. Smoke and other pollutants from many industries and automobiles combined with the fog that was common in this ocean area and smog resulted. By the 1960s emission standards were beginning to be enforced in Californ ia. Then various ways are investigated to reduce em issions from an IC engine. Oxygen containing additives are used to improve gasoline’s performance and reduce exhaust emissions is one of them. The main objectiv e of this work is to find can Dimethyl Carbonate is used to reduce emission? In view of the above,it is decide d to investigate the effect of adding Dimethyl Carb onate to unleaded gasoline on exhaust emission. The experime ntal setup to test blended fuel is prepared with mu lti cylinder four stroke spark ignition engine. The res ults indicate that CO and HC exhaust emissions are lower with the use of Dimethyl carbonate gasoline blended fuels as compared to the use of unleaded gasoline. The effect of above additive on NOx is insignificant.

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Mr. Suryawanshi P.N. , Mr. Shinde V.V , Mr. Kurhade A.S. , "Effect of Adding Oxygen Containing Additives to Unleaded Gasoline on Exhaust Emission", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.