Volume 2 Issue 1

Wireless sensor network platform for monitoring the industrial apparatus (140058)


Abstract : Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are one of the fastest gr owing and emerging technologies in the field of Wireless networking. WSNs have a vast amount of applications inc luding environmental monitoring,oil and gas,agriculture,inventory control,robotics and health care. Thi s paper focuses on monitoring and protection of oil and water operations using WSNs that are optimized to decre ase installation,and maintenance cost,energy requirements,increase reliability and improve communic ation efficiency. Such model could provide new tools for research in predictive maintenance and condition-base d monitoring of factory machinery in general and for open architecture machining system in particular. W ireless sensing no longer needs to be relegated to locations where access is difficult or where cabl ing is not practical. In our project we are using sensor such as vibration,temperature,level sensor,weight sensor

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Bhautik Patil , Supriya Mahajan , Pratiksha Sawarkar , "Wireless sensor network platform for monitoring the industrial apparatus", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.