Volume 2 Issue 1

Implementation of intelligent cap with drowsy detection and vehicle monitoring (140065)


Abstract : “Drowsiness”,a state which is often seen in drivers now-a-days has become a serious issue in road mishaps. Driver fatigue resulting from sleep deprivation or s leep disorders is an important factor in the increasing number of accidents. The development of technology for preve nting drowsiness at the wheel is a major challenge in the field of accident avoidance system. . Sleepy drivers often do not take correct action prior to a collision. For this reason developing a systems f or monitoring driver’s level of vigilance and alerting the driver,when he is drowsy and not paying adequate at tention towards road,is essential to prevent accidents Therefore,a system that can detect driv er fatigue,a decline in driver alertness and issue timely warning could help to prevent many accidents,and consequently reduce personal suffering. This paper presents implementation of cap with multiple tilt sensors which detects the drowsiness of drivers via head movements and control the speed of the vehicle according. This pa per also aims to provide reliable indications of driver drowsiness based on the characteristics of driver–vehicle interaction.

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Sushma Telrandhe , Darshana Nimje , Rohit Nitnaware , "Implementation of intelligent cap with drowsy detection and vehicle monitoring", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.