Volume 2 Issue 2

Simulation Of A 4-Switch,3-Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor (IM) Drive System (140108)


Abstract : This paper investigates the performance of a 4 - switch,3 - phase inverter (4S3P) fed cost effective induction motor (IM)drive system for high performance industrial drive systems. In the proposed approach,instead of a conventional 6 - switch,3 - phase inverter (6S3P) a 4 - switch,3 - phase inverter is utilized. This reduces the cost of the inverter,the switching losses,and the complexity of the control algorithms and interface circuits to generate 6PWM logic signals. The Simulation results of the proposed 4S3P inverter fed drive is also made in terms of speed response &total harmonic distortion (THD) in terms of stator current and inverter current. The proposed inverter fed IM drive is fou nd acceptable considering its cost reduction and other advantageous features. A general space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) method for control of four - switch three - phase inverters is presented.

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Prof. A.A.Apte , V.D.Malwade , "Simulation Of A 4-Switch,3-Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor (IM) Drive System", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 2, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.