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Abstract : The Accurate measurement and analysis of pH data is necessary for a multitude of applications ranging from agriculture sector to cli nical laboratories. Preferably an inexpensive hand-held unit is needed for these appl ications. This paper presents the modeling of embedded systems for measurement of pH using 8051 microcontroller. In Battery operated embedded systems,power saving is most important thing. We require to measure power consumption of embedded sy stem. For that purpose in this project,we can measure current taken by each and e very module by using DMM. Integrated solutions,involving power awareness at all levels (from the application,OS,and compiler level,down to memory and processor ha rdware resources),is another trend that is the outcome of chip-level power and tempera ture limits. Again,such hardware software code sign approaches are far from new in t he world of embedded systems. Hence,high-end chip and system design teams stand to gain a lot by examining the low- end,embedded systems arena. This is an interesting new turn of events,brought on by current technological trends that dictate a rather rapid powerconsumption increase over the nextdecade. With embedded systems moving toward faster and smal ler processors and systems on a chip,it becomes increasingly difficul t to accurately quantify embedded- system behavior. Therefore measurement of power con sumption in an embedded system is very important.

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Salokhe Amol N. , Sajanikar Tejashri D. , Patil Kavita P. Tamdalge Rohini M. , "MEASUREMENT OF POWER CONSUMPTION BY USING VARIOUS COMPONENTS INAN EMBEDDED SYSTEM", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue4, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.