Volume 2 Issue 7



Abstract : This venture introduces the standards of a low oper ational-cost however adaptable remote information securing framework. The fundamen tal center of the framework is implanted equipment which uses center ARM-7 process or to fulfil the information securing of the shut environment. Point of the task is to plan a remote information securing framework,for constant information prepar ing. Create ideal effective framework as far as permitting direct intelligent c orrespondence. The installed gadget conveys through Global System for Mobile Communicat ion (GSM) which makes it available from anyplace on the planet through Short Message Service (SMS). A novel methodology is acquainted with minimize the operati onal expenses while working with a lot of information. The framework is shown to be suitable for distinctive implanted applications by connecting a few ongoing modules th rough proper interfaces. For this we need to exhibit basic installed framework with t hree sensors of temperature,mugginess and gas. The information ought to be stra ightforwardly exchanged through SMS by GSM to GSM correspondence to the PC. By util izing MATLAB yields are plotted on PC. This point examines to construct a l ittle estimated,minimal effort remote information obtaining framework.

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Ms. P.D.Bhosale , Prof. D.S.Bhosale , "WIRELESS DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM FOR REAL TIME APPLICATIONS", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 7, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.