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Abstract : Generally,for joining process for soft materials s uch as aluminum alloys and also for hard materials like steels friction stir welding is usedas it avoids ma ny of the common problems obtained in fusion weldin g. Also if we gone through joining of aluminum alloys could be usually faced problems in many cases available in various fields like automotive,aerosp ace,ship building industries,electronics etc. whe re fusion welding is not possible due to large differe nce in physical and chemical properties of the components to be joined. Mainly the problems occurr ed in the welding processes like porosity formation,solidification cracking,and chemical reaction may arise during fusion welding of dissimilar materials . Even if good welded joints may be obtained in some limited cases with special attentions to the joint design and preparation,process parameters and fill er metals. For avoiding the drawbacks of fusion welding friction stir welding (FSW) seems to be a v ery reliable technique as it permits welding of aluminum alloys.To avoid the majorly obtained healt h defects observed during traditional welding methods or fusion welding it can be used. The produ ctions of ultraviolet rays and the gases produced i n the process which are harmful to human beings are minim ized to large extent. The parts produces in FSW of aluminum alloys have been becoming increasingly sig nificant in industrial applications because of thei r technical and economicbenefits. Thearticlecontains mainly the selection of tool material and process parameters with experimentation trials of FSW of AA 6063. Also this contains the large overview on tool material selection which depends on the operational parameters such as temperature of the operation,w ear resistance,geometry and load bearing ability also the tool degradation process. The design of tool is veryimportant because our target is not only the ma terial removing from the metal but alsoheating and mixing the material by frictional heat. The article contains information about many numbers of tool geometries and importance of tools for friction sti r welding of AA6063. And the selection of operation al parameters as per the specimen size which are used for the process and the testing of joints after the welding.

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Mr. S.R. Bhasale , Prof. M. K. Wasekar , "FRICTION STIR WELDING OF AA6063- EXPERIMENTATION AND TESTING", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 7, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.