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Abstract : Harmonics are the by - products o f modern electronic devices that are nonlinear loads which create harmonics by drawing current in rather than smooth sinusoidal manner. Any distribution circuit feeding nonlinear loads will contain some degree of harmonic frequencies. Due to the rapidly in creasing number of non - linear loads in distribution systems,the harmonic distortion of the current and voltage increases. N on - linear loads are personal computer,television set (TV),fluorescent tube with electronic ballast,compact fluorescent lamp,batt ery charger,uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and any other equipment powered by switched - mode power supply (SMPS) unit. The harmonic distortion produced in residential buildings has not been given proper attention as linear loads were predominant earlier. As the number of harmonics - producing loads in residences has increased over the years,it has become increasingly necessary to address their effects on the distribution system. Power Quality of di stribution networks is a ffected due to the flow of generate d harmonics. Harmonic currents generated by nonli near loads can cause problems on equipments of distribution network . These harmonics can cause excessive heat in many appliances,and hence reduce the life span of the distribution transformer supplying such loads. It can also increase power consumption and reduce system efficiency. It also lowers the power factor,resulting in pe nalties to consumers . In this paper presents the results of a SIMULINK of harmonic distortion caused by non linear home appliances on bus bar and then it compensated by filter . The scope of work includes analysis of percentage of to tal harmonic distortions before and after compensation and found reduced percentage of THD after the compensation . Percentage of distortions are compensat ed using 3 rd and 5 th harmonic filter and these filters are directly connected to the 0.4k v feeder (PCC) from which three phases are split with neutral to home appliances.

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Yogesh Bhujbal , Prof. P.N. Korde , "ANALYSIS OF TUNED FILTERS FOR MITIGATION OF HARMONIC CURRENT DISTORTION OF RESIDENTIAL LOAD", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 11, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.