Abstract : Nowadays,Data is rising over internet in terabytes and Exabyte. So,there is a need of storing these data which has been fulfilled by cloud computing. Though the s ervice of cloud appear to be efficient and cost eff ective. Yet there are some challenges which are faced in cloud computing such as Data security and Authentication. In cloud Storage the data of Owner is stored in cloud where the cloud servers are remotely located the owner of the data does not have any direct control over the data. If the data over cloud is modified by the cloud,Third Party Auditor (TPA) or any other person there is no preci sion such that the owner of the data gets the infor mation about the modification of the data. TPA is a Third Party Auditor who has Experience in checking the integrity of data. TPA v erifies the files stored over the cloud if they are modified or not. Our scheme provides the solution to this probl em such that if there is any modification in the da ta the owner will get information about the change in the data. Our scheme only provides the information about the change in data it does not keep data intact or secure from mo dification over cloud.

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Pratik Bhujbal , Anupam Pahnale , Parve Gorakh,Prof. Mohit Dighe , "DATA INTEGRITY PROOF (DIP) IN CLOUD STORAGE", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, ICITDCEME-15, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.