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Abstract : Sedimentation in the reservoir gradually reduces its storage capac ity. By keeping a check on the sedimentation and by providing control measures for the same,the r eservoir life can be maintained. Ujjani dam was constructed for irrigation,water supply and power generation schem es. It lies in Solapur district which is a drought prone area. This makes Ujjani a socially and economically signif icant project for the state. In the present study,reservoir sedimentation for Ujjani reservoir is assessed for moni toring purpose. Two techniques namely Satellite Remote Sensing Technique (SRST) and mathematical modeling using HEC RAS,were used in the study for estimating sedimentation. The advent of new computer technologies has enabled engineers to re solve equations of sediment transports and hydraulic issues using computer simulations and modeling. Numerica l modeling has not only decreased the calculation time by making use of rapidly increasing processi ng power,but also made it easier to test effects of different sets of input variables in an improved way. A mathemati cal model in HEC RAS software was generated for Ujjani Reservoir. This sediment model was run for Quasi Unst eady flow which gave sediment volume change profiles. The volume of sedimentation found by both the methods is in good agreement w ith each other. They are also compared with the previous hydrographic surveys. Limitations of the study and its future scope are also discussed at the end of the study.

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MR. R. M. MANE , PROF. P.A. HANGERGEKAR , "RESERVOIR SEDIMENTATION STUDIES USING SATELLITE REMOTE SENSING TECHNIQUE AND MATHEMATICAL MODELING", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 3 Issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.