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Abstract : The cutting operation is nothing but removal of unn ecessary material on workpiece by machining which includes operations like turning,f acing,Grooving etc. Turning is one of material removal operation in which material from c ylindrical workpiece is removed keeping Tool stationary & workpiece rotating. The cutting o peration is affected by its cutting speed,feed & depth of cut. Also other factors like shape n geometry of Tool & coolant used have some effect over turning operation,which is done o n either Conventional Lathe or CNC machine. The values of cutting speed,feed & depth of cut ar e responsible for the surface roughness of workpiece material after turning operation. Also th ey are responsible for rate of production & tool life. Because of this,these parameters needs to be optimized to achieve the best combination for achieving higher rate of production with the required surface finish of workpiece material which is the main objective. For this experiment,CNC Machine is used for turnin g operation with different workpiece of same material & Inserts with different nose radius & shape. The process would be repeated for different shapes of insert,cutting speed,feed,nose radius,depth of cut & coolant used. The testing of surface roughness is done is testing labs. Turning Operation is carried out with different com bination of Shape of Insert,Nose Radius,Cutting Speed,Feed,Depth of cut & Coolant & the r esults for surface roughness can be obtained from lab report.

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Satish M.Rajmane , Jeevankumar A.Sodal , "EFFECT OF CUTTING TOOL ON SURFACE ROUGHNESS OF WORKPIECE MATERIAL", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 3 Issue 1, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No.