Abstract : In the 21 st century the smart & advanced or hybrid electric vehicles is the need of this fast pacing world. So we thought solar powered Small sized vehicle is the best solution for many of the problems. We have built up a platform modules to provide local community w ith a short - distance environmental friendly private transportation service. In this project we help to promote the popularization of eco - friendly way to travel and astonishingly improve the short - distance travel efficiency. Solar powered electric skateboa rds have tremendous scope in next few years as a transportation facility . We hope in future,we will also modify our project with more functions to make it perfect & personal daily life assistant to individual. It is not only for a means for transportation,but also carrying the function of intelligent terminal. It is having cite portability,can be used for exercise,and environmental friendliness as some of the benefits of skateboarding as an alternative to automobiles. Till the date this kind of vehicles are not in the Indian market & have the large scope in future as it works on renewable energy source. This project is definitely going to help & to improve the trend of vehicles of this generation.

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CHANDULAL GUGULOTH , VINOD MUNDE, YOGESHWARI KULKARNI , VARSHA JUJGAR, SHREERAM BOCHARE , "SOLAR POWERED ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, NCMTEE-2K18, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 6-9