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Abstract : This paper is a study of the value of applying artificial neural networks (ANNs),particularly a multilayer perceptron (MLP),to distinguishing proof of higher plants utilizing morphological characters gathered by regular means. a functional philosophy is subsequently shown to empower natural or zoological taxonomists to utilize ANNs as warning apparatuses for id purposes. an examination is made between the capacity of the neural system and that of conventional techniques f or plant recognizable proof by methods for a contextual investigation in the blossoming plant variety lithops n.e. dark colored (aizoaceae). specifically,a correlation is made with ordered keys created by methods for the delta framework. the ANN is found to perform superior to anything the delta key generator,for conditions where the accessible information is constrained,and species moderately hard to recognize. this paper exhibits another strategy for plant species id utilizing leaf picture. it centers around the steady highlights extraction of leaf,for example,the geometrical highlights of shape and the surface highlights of venation. the 2 - d minute invariants,wavelet factual highlights are utilized to separate leaf data. self - sorting out component o utline neural system has the benefits of basic structure,requested mapping topology and low many - sided quality of learning. it is appropriate for some mind boggling issues,for example,multi - class design acknowledgment,high measurement input vector and huge amount preparing information. so this paper utilize some neural system to recognize the plant species. the test comes about represent the viability of this technique.

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MOHMMAD HANIF KHAN , BAZILAH MEHRAJ , MS ANJUM AMIN , "CLASSIFICATION OF DIFFERENT PLANT GENRE THROUGH ANNS METHODOLOGY", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 5 Issue 7, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 18-22