Volume 5, Issue 11



Abstract : Rainwater Harvesting is preventive technique of water conservation. In present work rainwater harvesting system for Indira Gandhi College, Solapur has been designed. This area comes under hot and dry climate with a scant rainfall. An integrated design for rooftop rain waterharvesting system for Indira Gandhi College is done. The cost estimation of differentcomponents of roof top rainwater harvesting project is done. The main objectives of the project are given below: 1) To design Rainwater Harvesting system for Indira Gandhi College, Solapur. 2) To increase well recharge by Rainwater Harvesting system. 3) To check financial and technical feasibility of scheme. 4) To work out repayment period for Rainwater Harvesting project. All campus building of Indira Gandhi College consist college building and hostel building having total roof top area is 3665 m2. Assuming 607.88 mm average rainfall in last ten years. The total 1779770 liter water can be available. The rainwater harvesting designed as 50% of water is used for storage and remaining 50% of water is used for Bore well recharge. The total cost of project and repayment period is calculated. The rainwater harvesting system is financially and technically feasible.

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MR. G.P. PATIL , PROF. P.A. HANGARGEKAR , PROF. S.C. WADNE , "DESIGN OF ROOF TOP RAIN WATER HARVESTINGFORCOLLEGE CAMPUS", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 5, Issue 11, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 58-63