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Abstract : Diesel engines use compression ignition, a process by which fuel is injected after the air is compressed in the combustion chamber causing the fuel to self-ignite. By contrast, a gasoline engine utilizes the Otto cycle, in which fuel and air are mixed before ignition is initiated by a spark plug. Most diesel engines have large pistons, therefore drawing more air and fuel which results in a bigger and more powerful combustion. This is effective in large vehicles such as trucks, diesel locomotives. The combustion in diesel engine takes place with the help of fuel & air. So the intake air needs to free from all sort of impurities. This work is effectively done by air filter in it. The basic and the most important function of the project are to improve the quality of air using the concept of Ionization. Thus using the Electronic Air Cleaner to ionize (electrically charge) air molecules i.e to attract oppositely charged (positive charge) airborne impurities towards it. As a result the dust particles get stick to it and the air free from impurities passes further and thus reduces the early clogging of filter. Finally the diesel knocking and vibrations will decrease to minimum level. Some of the parameters which is tested is that decrease in fuel consumption keeping the same amount of brake power, increment in mechanical efficiency by 4%

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Mr. Ashwin S Dharme , Mr. S S Shirbhate , Mr. Hanumant Jagdale , "MODIFIED AIR FILTER USING GUN METAL AND ALUMINIUM MESH IN DIESEL ENGINE –A REVIEW", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, IME 2019, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 17-21