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Abstract : Lean manufacturing is a proper method for waste reduction within a manufacturing system without giving up productivity. Lean also considers waste created through overburden and waste created through varying in workloads. Working from the point of view of the client who consumes a product or service, "value" is any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for. Lean manufacturing makes clear what adds value, by reducing everything else. This management philosophy is derived mostly from the Toyota Production System and identified as "lean" only in the 1990s.[1], for numerous, lean is the set of "tools" that helps in the recognition and steady elimination of waste. As waste is reduced quality improves while production time and cost are reduced. An incomplete list of such tools would include Kaizen, Just in time, Five S, Kanban, poka-yoke, total productive maintenance, SMED, value stream mapping. In this paper, an effort has been made to build up a lean tools survey for the associations to execute the lean manufacturing system. Examinations of the investigative literature survey are summarized in this paper to illustrate the execution sequence of lean tools and techniques.

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Prof. Prafull Arun Kamble , "LEAN TECHNIQUES USED IN DIFFERENT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES REVIEW PAPER", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, IME 2019, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 87-93