Volume 7, Issue 5



Abstract : To predict crime and analyze crime activity we need to proceed with a systematic approach with data mining. By using a data mining system one can predict locations that have a huge probability. And one also can inward eye by using this method. It will increase the computerized systems. Our main problem is that we are looking at the crime occurrences but not at the key factors of crime. If we use data mining we can form any unstructured data to structured data. By which we can find also some prediction before the crime. We can set a bridge between computer science and criminal justice board using the data mining process by which we can catch the factor very fast and also very easy. Culprits also are divided based on their data. Crime and illegal services are increasing rapidly now. We suggest a methodology by which we can detect culprits, predict crime by analyzing previous crime reports of the regions. For establishing this we need crime data from police station websites, govt. crime websites etc. Using the Naïve Bayesian algorithm on these pre-processed data we can easily predict the stat of crimes. With this system we can establish a secure society which will free from crime and people can lead their life soundly and also happily. So that we need this data mining system and it will increase the usage of computer science and engineering in this era of science. We propose to the prediction of real-time. Though it will difficult to get accurate cause crimes are doing their crimes using different and complex methods. They are also clever. But the bridge of data between the police station and system of data mining will report about further and upcoming crimes. And for easy understanding of the police government we need to use graph data mining so that they will easily get points. This paper will describe kinds of criminal activities and criminal pathway methods after a crime which we will solve by using the data mining system. SO, we need to locate the maximum crime location area first. We can also detect the hotspot area and will get some data also from social sites. Data analysts of crime can help the law department to solve this problem. The Law department can also reduce crime hotspots. Using this method we need to extract previous criminal data. So, the bridge between computer science and the law will help the world to free from crime.

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SRITHA ZITH DEY BABU , DIGVIJAY PANDEY , ISMAIL SHEIK , "AN OVERVIEW OF A CRIME DETECTION SYSTEM USING THE ART OF DATA MINING", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 7, Issue 5, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 125-128