Abstract : The guiding mechanism is the main part of the our Project since it replaces the job of the guides by taking guided steps that are fed to the robot guide in the form of data into the program. It guides us to the required destination by moving with the help of wheels. The Robot Guide is a very friendly guide that helps the students to find a particular subject book in the library since its a robot at the end of the day. The processor in which we dump the program is also known as the brain which is run by a computer program. The program is very detailed as it gives commands for the moving parts of the robot to follow. There are many mechanical parts that are used in this part such as motors, wheels, and gears that make the robot move and turn. We also have a use of sensors to tell the robot about its surroundings. Sensors such as IR sensor which detects the black line and further guides the student to the shelves of the library.

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Shawn Thomas, Snehal Durge, Tanmayee Suryawanshi, , Sharvari Pachchapurkar, Shraddha Nair, Arpit Mahadule, , Abhijeet patil, Vikram Singh Shekhawat, Sakshi Shirbhate, Vedant Pande , "GUIDING MECHANISM WITH ALEXA VOICE SERVICE AND LINE FOLLOWER", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, NCST-2K20, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 43-46