Volume 7, Issue 10



Abstract : User authentication over the Internet has long been an issue for Internet service providers and users. A good authentication protocol must provide high security and mutual authentication on both sides. In addition, it must stable in safety measures and usability, which has been publicized in the literature to be a difficult problem. The solution for this issue, we suggest a new common verification and validation authentication protocol with high security and usability. In QR code based Interactive online shopping system the waiting time of people is being converted to shopping time even travel time. Whether by Metro, Railway or by any means of public transport life has become tedious. In this system, the various QR codes will be generated for the daily used household products. These QR code are posted along with its advertisement at different locations like Railway stations, Bus stops, Cinema Halls & public places. That means system is bringing shopping malls to busy life style. People feel comfortable with this system instead of visiting a mall to shop by adjusting their time from their busy schedule. There will also be reductions in shopping mall investments. Anyone who wants to buy the product after looking in our hoardings will immediately scanning the Quick Response code by his smart phone, which is having QR camera. He will get all the details about that product along with cost and end user should place the order for that along with quantity he wants. As this proposed system will take online orders from customers, accepting their payments, providing information about order confirmation, and many more activities getting involved as a functionality of our system from order placing to order deliver to the customer.

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MR. VIJAY ANIL KULKARNI , MR. RAJRATAN PANDIT BANEGAON , "INTERACTIVE QR CODE BASED ONLINE SHOPPING SYSTEM", IJIERT - International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, Volume 7, Issue 10, ISSN : 2394-3696, Page No. 31-36